Located in the Boulder Creative Collectives’ new 47th street studios, the Boulder Writers Warehouse will activate the versatility of a studio to challenge the assumption that creation is best done in isolation. By bringing writers into spaces generally dedicated to visual arts, this project expands the creative landscape to nurture new ideas and unexpected works that push the boundaries of artistic disciplines.

The goal of this project is to create an infrastructure which empowers a diverse group of writers to explore the full potential of the written word in community with painters, sculptors, designers, photographers, architects, and more working in the BCC’s surrounding studios. It also invites the wider Boulder community to participate in creative practice through regularly scheduled, free performances and workshops.

The Boulder Writer’s Warehouse will create and maintain space for artists and the Boulder community as a whole to explore¬†creation, self-publication, and performance.

Through this project, we hope to facilitate a wide-spread innovative engagement with writing that opens up multiple possibilities of personal expression, collaboration, and experimentation.